Marist Regional College: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

By logging on to this system you agree to all relevant staff, parent or student policies.  Marist Regional College provides access to online systems (such as M.E.L.) to support the learning, teaching and operational needs of the College and for communication between the College and members of the College Community.  Use of the system is governed by the policies listed below:

All Users

Your use of this system is subject to all applicable state and federal laws regarding the accessing of online systems and interactions that may occur when using such systems, or related to the use of such systems.  


Marist Regional College values the privacy of it's community members, your privacy is governed by the College's privacy policy which can be found here.

Parents and Students

Your use of this system and all College systems is governed by and should at all times be in keeping with the College's Student Computer Equipment Program Policy and Guidelines Booklet, which parents must sign prior to commencement at the College.  Please see subsection 5 of the "Responsibilities and Guidelines" section for information pertaining to accessing College systems, such as this.  By logging on to this system, you agree to all terms in the Student Computer Equipment Program Policy and Guidelines Booklet


By logging on to this system you agree to all relevant policies, including the Computer Use Policy for Staff, which can be found on the College Intranet, here.